Stobi Winery is set 80 km from the capital city Skopje. Stobi Winery is located in central Macedonia, in the most famous wine region-Tikves. Stobi winery is the newest and most modernly designed Macedonian winery, located in the municipality of Gradsko, next to the ancient site Stobi, where it gets its name from.

In price of the program its included:

Pick up and drop off your accommodation
Transfer with car/van
Walking tour to introduce a winery
Taste of wine

Additional information

TOUR PROGRAMTour for 1 person | per person 110 Euro, Tour for 2 persons | per person 60 Euro, Tour for 3 persons | per person 50 Euro, Tour for 4 persons | per person 40 Euro, Tour for 5 persons | per person 35 Euro

Stobi winery is located only 80 km from the capital of Skopje, in the heart of Macedonia, in the Tikves wine region – the biggest and the most important wine region which stretches on 13.000 ha. As the Mediterranean climate from the south collides with the continental climate from the north, it creates an area most remarkable for grape growing and wine production on the entire Balkan Peninsula.
Winery in the locality of Gradsko, in vicinity of the ancient city of Stobi, where the two rivers Erigon (Crna River) and Axios (Vardar) cross their path.
Find out more about the local wine culture while enjoying the culinary masterpieces of our chefs, always ready to surprise you with traditional Macedonian delicacies or specials from the international cuisine, and then leave Stobi richer for the epicurean experience. Tour the Winery with an expert guide, taste finest wines and appetizers, including an assortment of traditional Galichnik cheese and smoked meat and lunch.