Ohrid Popova Kula wine tour



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TOUR PROGRAMTour for 1 person | per person 110 Euro, Tour for 2 persons | per person 60 Euro, Tour for 3 persons | per person 50 Euro, Tour for 4 persons | per person 40 Euro, Tour for 5 persons | per person 35 Euro

The Skopje- Popova Kula -Wine Tour starts from your hotel. Drive to the most popular wine region in Macedonia Tikves and after that visit the Winery Popova Kula.

The Popova Kula Winery was built to produce the highest quality Macedonian wine and offer quality wine tourism in the region. The Popova Kula Winery and vineyards are located on the south slopes of the Grand Hill (Veliko Brdo) west of the lovely town of Demir Kapija. Demir Kapija valley lays on the southeast part of the Tikveshiya grape growing sub-region that is a part of the Povardarie region.

The oldest archeological findings proving that people in this area have grown vineyards and have made wine date 13 century b.c. It is a location with excellent climate and perfect soil for grape growing.

There are over 20 different types of wine from 11 varieties of grape. With the help of our professionals you can choose wines for your wine tasting session.

Typical wine tasting includes 5 different types of wine with the adequate cheese, prosciutto and sweets, while gastronomic wine tasting includes 5 different types of wine with adequate meal you will relax in a quiet atmosphere surrounded by magnificent landscapes.

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