Skopje Daily Tours

Book your Skopje Daily tour with and explore the most popular place in North Macedonia and surrounds.

Visit Ohrid and famous Ohrid Lake – have a city tour or enjoy in your magnificent boat trip in Ohrid Lake. Don’t miss a opportunity to visit and St. Naum

Explore Mavrovo National Park, visit the village Galichnik, Monastery Complex St. Bigorski, Waterfalls Duf and plenty other attractions

Ethno city Kratovo and Stone Town Kuklica are expecting you…..

Visit the youngest country in Europe – Kosovo with cities Pristina and Prizren

Ohrid with St Naum tour from Skopje

The Tour includes visit to the city Ohrid, starting from Skopje. Drive time
Worth for Money!

Skopje Ohrid Tour

The Tour includes visit to the city Ohrid, starting from Skopje. Drive time

Skopje Mavrovo Ohrid Tour

The tour includes visit to National Park Mavrovo, one of the most beautiful

Skopje Kosovo tour

One day tour for visit Kosovo - visit of Monastery Gracanica, city of

Skopje Bitola Krusevo tour

At the beginning of this tour, we pass through

Skopje Mavrovo Tour

Tour start with pick up from your address of accommodation and drive to

Transfer Skopje to Belgrade with a city tour of Nis

Make one unique trip from Skopje to Belgrade with a one-way transfer that

Krusevo bike tour – Tour from Skopje

We start this tour with a pick up you from your accommodation in

Skopje Kuklica & Kratovo Tour

After pick up from your accommodation in Skopje, we continue to drive to

Strumica City tour from Skopje

Visit to the cultural-historical places of interest of the city of Strumica and

Berovo – glow of Eastern Macedonia

Berovo tour - visit Malesevski mountains - untouched nature, cultural heritage, Is the

Skopje St. Osogovski & Kokino tour

Departure to Kokino, a megalithic observatory, which is situated in the area of