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Skopje – Nis , Serbia Tour


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    Half-day sightseeing tour of Nis, Serbia

    Tour start at 08.00 with pick up from your address and continie to Nis, until he have about 2.5-3 hours drive.

    Fair Naissus, city of fairies, city of fairytales. Many compared it with the most beautiful cities around the world. The city of the millenniums, holds the stories everyone should envy. During its existence, Niš welcomed many kings and generals. Niš welcomes you as well! Welcome to our town!

    The tour starts with story about Čegar hill and going back through history to the Stevan Sinđelić era: to the time when the famous Čegar battle occured, when the world heard the story of prowess. The inevitable sequel of this story is going to the Scull tower, a place where you loose your breath! We will whisper about what happened here and continue on Tsarigrad road to Niška Banja (a spa, 7km away from the center of Niš). And in the Spa we will take a walk and talk about the old times, beutifull villas. We will talk about one king, one Prime minister, some nice events, Agatha Christie and some old times… And as soon as we finish Orient Express drive, we will take nice memories tram drive… And after, a short bus drive on Via Militaris with one stop in Mediana archaeological site. At this archeological site we will talk about Constantine the Great, the Edict of Milan… After this ancient times walk we will go to the Fortress, where we will have a stroll and talk about it’s gates, hammam, arsenal, powder magazines, old roman streets, one mosque, Felix Kanitz, the first prison, red carpet and the Film festival… after, we continue by the “Building where history lives”, the Castle, Anton Avgustinčić, Đorđe Krstić, Branko Miljković and other great artists. The walk will finish in Kazandžijsko sokače, the old Niš street, where the group can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.
    By end of tour – we are visiting a winery MALCA where you will have a taset of wine with lunch,

    End of sightseeing.


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