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Wine tour – Chateau Sopot near Veles – the heavenly vineyard

Chateau Sopot is one of the most renowned Macedonian wineries, with quality wine production, and breathtaking on-site scenery. If you are in Macedonia, visiting the vineyard is terrific idea – combining the outdoor with the gourmet, it is a very popular day trip.
Location wise, the Chateau Sopot winery sits to the right of the pay toll on the Skopje-Veles highway. It is close to Lake Mladost, which is another popular destination near the Veles district, so you can hardly miss the entrance.
A farm winery like most of the other Macedonian wine facilities, it includes a picturesque vineyard which is a reason alone for taking the trip. The height of the grape plantation is at around 220 meters, with the restaurant terrace slightly higher, providing for an unforgettable view.
The vineyards are covering 103 hectares, most of them surrounding the facility, with 38 hectares of Rhine Riesling, 25 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, 20 hectares of Chardonnay, and two hectares of Muscat. The winery is also purchasing Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio grapes from plantations on Mount Kozuf (550 altitide).
The production in Shateau Sopot, unlike other regional wineries, is not focused as much on quantity as it is on quality. The production facility and the wine cellars are state of the art, and they can become part of the daily tour if you are curious enough to take a look.

Program included a pick up from your accommodation, going to winery where we will have a little introduce tour of winery and after that, wina taste + lunch. After lunch and free time, returning in Skopje


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