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If you’ve ever considered traveling to Macedonia, but just aren’t sure about what there is to do, I suggest you check out some of our other posts. Here, I sum up my top 10 places you must visit in Macedonia to give you an idea about how diverse this Balkan country truly is, and to inspire you to add it to your bucket list if it’s not already there!

Skopje is Macedonia’s capital city and cultural hub – a stopover point that merits a minimum of a couple of days. Here, you’ll get a taste of how the country has embraced a modern European way of life while still paying tribute to its ancient past.

There is perhaps no better example to illustrate this this combination of old and new than Skopje’s Stone Bridge, which links the new side of the city to the old Ottoman quarter. Crossing from a neighborhood of modern office buildings and condos to the Old Bazaar is like traveling back in time.

You must make time to see the city’s main sights: Plostad Makedonija (Skopje Central Square), the 6th century Kale Fortress standing guard over the city, and the Mother Teresa Memorial House commemorating one of Skopje’s most famous citizens and her lifelong dedication to humanitarian work for the world’s poorest people.

Situated just 17 kilometers southwest of Skopje, Canyon Matka is a beautiful day trip from the capital. Visiting Matka Lake surrounded by the steep walls of a dramatic gorge is the perfect outdoorsy experience for those who enjoy being in nature. Most visitors come Canyon Matka to rent a boat to take them around to see the caves then have lunch at the Canyon Matka Hotel and Restaurant.

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